The bells!

Carillons are unusual in British rural churches. St. Chads at Norton-in-Hales is said to be the smallest tower in Shropshire to house 8 bells, let alone a carillon. The oldest bell in the tower is from around 1610 and the carillon and remainder of the bells were installed in 1868.

This video was shot in the tower clock room, just under the belfry. The room is tiny, about 10 feet square, and houses both the clock mechanism and carillon. The actuating wires to the carillon hammers can just be seen, along with the bell ropes running in the wooden channels from the ringing chamber below.

The Victorian engineering of the carillon can be seen clonking away as the bells chime and the modern electric motors that drive the carillon whir away in the background. Originally the the carillon was powered by weights. The carillon plays one of three tunes, at three, six, nine and twelve o’ clock, morning and evening, every day. The tunes are “Home Sweet Home”, “There’s Nae Luck About The House” and “We Love The Place O’ God”. Feel free to hazard a guess at the tune in this performance.