Commemorative Peal

On the 4th August 1914, Great Britain entered what was to become the First World War. One hundred years later, to the day, a commemorative peal was rung at St. Chad's, Norton-in-Hales. The peal is a composition called '5100 Remember Me Surprise Major', and was rung half muffled. 5100 refers to the number of permutations that each of the eight bells ring during the course of the peal.

For the ringers, a peal is both a physical and mental challenge. Each ringer must ring for the duration without pause, and continually compute their position in the ever changing sequence of bells. For a technical definition of a peal, see here.

The peal was rung by an experienced band of visiting ringers from Staffordshire and took a little short of three hours. For details of the band, the peal, its composer and dedication, see here.

This media controller will allow you to listen to any part of the peal.